August 15, 2016 @ 3:29 AM

Do you want to improve your physical activity? Think of something you can do, and enjoy doing. How about dancing? Put on the music and dance in your room. Any physical activity counts. Make a "FITT" plan to guide your chosen physical activity. Writing it down helps. FITT stands for:
F: Frequency- how often you plan to do the chosen activity.
I: Intensity- how hard you should do the activity. You should be able to talk during the activity
T: Time- how long you plan to do the activity. Start slow, and increase as you can tolerate.
T: Type- what activity you will be doing. 
So, let's look at dancing: this is the TYPE; 7 days a week is the FREQUENCY; for 15minutes is the TIME. Remember to start slow; you should be able to talk while dancing; this the INTENSITY. Have fun!!!